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Reforestation Visa in Panama

Reforestation Visa in Panama

An excellent opportunity exists to get a permanent second residency in an up-and-coming country. By investing in a teak plantation in Panama, you can apply for permanent second residency in this nation. Even better, this residency can lead to full citizenship.

Teak has an amazing history of being a strong investment. It has traditionally averaged an annual value growth rate of 5.5% over the past several decades, and it looks like this trend will continue. Even if prices held steadily over the life of the trees (an unlikely event, as they will probably continue to rise), an investment made into a teak plantation now would still net impressive returns, well above many other investment options. (For specific details on ROI and IRR, contact us directly by using the contact box below)

Right now, you can purchase 5 hectares of teak in Panama. This will qualify you for the Reforestation Visa. This visa comes with many advantages. Beyond being an easy way to acquire a second residency in a foreign country, the Panamanian Reforestation Visa also offers generous tax benefits to enhance the return on your teak investment. For instance, with the Reforestation Visa, you will receive:

  • Exemption from taxation in Panama on all capital gains from the project (consult your local CPA or tax attorney for details on taxes in your home country).
  • No property taxes levied against the land while in the reforestation project.
  • Commitment to serve the in-demand timber industry.

Beyond this, teak is also a great investment because it is one that promotes reforestation of an amazing, but sadly threatened, tree. The natural forests of teak, in southeast Asia, are being cut down at unprecedented rates. If nothing is done, we may very well lose this magnificent tree from our world. This is why it is so important to support teak reforestation projects, to preserve this tree for future generations. (This is also why teak makes such a great investment: consistently dwindling supply, with a consistently increasing demand, equals higher prices and more profits for those who have teak to sell).

If you’re looking for a great investment, as well as an easy way to acquire permanent second residency in a wonderful nation, an investment in teak in Panama is for you. Contact us below to learn more.


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