Start now your teak investment like the top 1%

TEAK: A Premiere Investment

TEAK: A Premiere Investment

Tropical Hardwoods, specifically Teak, have experienced a fast growing global demand.

Due to its remarkable qualities, high-return yield, and the social-ecological environment that surrounds the Teak, many wise individuals are calling it the investment of the century.

One may directly invest in reforestation projects by owning an operating interest in an existing plantation.  As an owner, one can take advantage of the reforestation incentives offered by the host countries, with one of the best programs being offered in Panama.

Some incentives

  • No taxes on imported materials to Panama.
  • No income taxes on reforestation income or the commercialization of forest products.
  • No real estate transfer tax or real estate value tax.
  • Tax credit for firms who manufacture products made of raw materials from plantations.

Capital investment may be deducted 100% for income tax purposes.


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