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Teak and timber industry ensure its future importance

Teak and timber industry ensure its future importance

The timber industry is one that many wealthy individuals have been investing in for years, and is just now starting to become available for those not in the 99th percentile.

Timber has played an important role in the development of the civilization and remains significant in life today. From everyday uses such as furniture, paper, handicrafts to flooring, boats, and houses, it is evident that timber will continue to be used in the future. As the population continues to grow, the demand and need for timber will increase as well.

But what else is coming for timber in the future? 

Meet Michael Green, Vancouver-based architect.  Green produced a book in 2012 titled Tall Wood, which explored in detail the design of 20-story commercial buildings using engineered timber products throughout. Since then he has completed the Wood Innovation and Design Centre at the University of North British Columbia which, at 29.25 meters (effectively eight stories), is currently lauded as the tallest modern timber building in North America. 

The game-changer reached the skyline in 2009 in London. The Stadthaus in Hackney’s Murray Grove, is a nine-storey building comprising 29 apartments, constructed almost entirely from cross-laminated solid wood panels. 

This ability to use a renewable material to provide a positive response to a key environmental issue facing the construction industry, namely global warming, is nothing short of transformational. The use of concrete is already responsible for 5 per cent of global greenhouse-gas emissions
The ten-storey cross-laminated timber Forte Building in Melbourne appeared shortly afterwards, and a 14-storey apartment block in Bergen was completed only weeks ago. On a different scale entirely, and scheduled to be complete in 2023, will be the 34-storey block in Stockholm’s Västerbro distric. 

This is a fact that brings more value, importance, stability and a growing capital gain to your investments in timber and even more if they are on a hi-quallity and yield as Teak. 

The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood – by Peter Wilson

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