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Teak Hardwoods Progress – January to June 2016

Teak Hardwoods Progress – January to June 2016

The Nursery at Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua

The nursery at Gran Pacifica is an ecologically structured nursery that has a base made up of material such as bamboo and eucaliptis posts. Being the sole anthropological intervention, the shadow of the mesh is placed to reduce the impact of direct sunlight on the germinating plants.

The substratum utilized for the sowing of the seed is balanced in the following way:

  • 20% urea fertilizer
  • 20% NPK (triple 15) fertilizer
  • 30% horse manure
  • 30% vegetable compost

This distribution of substratum produces an efficient, quality environment for the plants that are germinating in it.

Currently, we have 29,600 teak seeds planted in the nursery.

The area selected for the planting in Gran Pacifica possesses good surface run-off, retains humidity in the soil, and is protected by a massive treeline. This prevents the direct impact of wind, which often cuases poor formation in the growth of teak trees, as they must grow straight. The combination of these factors makes the selected area very attractive, and ideal for teak growth

The climatology belongs to the area of a dry, tropical forest. The trees that develop in this type of forest in the summer time drop their leaves and store water in their roots as a defense mechanism to deal with whichever drought possible that might be able to be provoked by the change in climate. After the passing of the first summer, these trees recover their green characteristics and develop without a problem. This is a natural cycle of development of the trees of the dry tropics.

The teak seedlings that are reproducing in the teak nursery at Gran Pacifica are to be cultivated in the area of a dry, tropical forest, and are going to be adopt those characteristics, developing without a problem.


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